organizers without borders

Denomination: ORGANIZERS WITHOUT BORDERS (ASF) social Siége: CDEPS of GUEDIAWAYE DAKAR/SENEGAL SUCH 002216574500 002218370809  
RECEPISSE N°12009 M.INT/DAGAT/DEL/AS OF MAY 09, 2005 Association ORGANIZERS WITHOUT BORDERS (ASF) was creates on September 27, 2000. ASF is a movement of education and of formation of youth for this purpose the purpose of it is: ? To link the animated members of the same ideal and to create bonds of agreement and solidarity? To take part in the emergence of a new type of organizers and children conscious of its civic responsibilities through the methods of active animations? To contribute to the social emancipation and the formation citizen of the population? To contribute to the development and the protection of the child against the forms of exploitation, illiteracy, the delinquency, the use of drug and the youthful plagues? It also proposes to organize its organizers and its children for their future insertion in the productive circuits of the country by supporting their training civic, moral, physical and practical according to the options of the country? To contribute to the education and the sensitizing of the population as regards health Indeed association ORGANIZERS WITHOUT BORDERS (ASF) formed part of associations headlights which intervene in the field of animation socioeducational in the department of Guédiawaye thanks to its social and educational dimension. FIELDS Of INTERVENTION: Socioeducational animation sporting Animation Health Nutrition Cleansing Environment Promotion of the woman and the child Fights against the forms of exploitation, illiteracy, the delinquency the use of drug and of the youthful plagues Sérigraphie Civil Protection (prevention of the drownings) ZONES Of INTERVENTION: GUEDIAWAYE PIKINE THIES KAOLACK FATICK ZIGUINCHOR LOUGA 2. RESOURCES Of ASSOCIATION HUMAN: Directing sporting Stimulating organizers socioeducational of educational communities Monitors of educational communities Main of popular education Agents of Community health Agents of Community development First-aid workers Voluntary Supervisors of bathe of Civil Protection Monitors in first aid Assistants and Welfare officers Professors, Teaching Lawyers Insurers Technicians in data processing MATERIELLES: Classrooms at our disposal at school 20 B (more the share of our activities is held in the schools or with the CDEPS of Guédiawaye) FINANCIAL: Finances of association come from the contributions, of the sale of the Charts of member of association

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