OFFICE FLOW CHART Of the ASF Organizers Without Frontières is to organize as follows: In office, and national and regional police station the office: The President the Secretary-general the General Treasurer the Defects Presidents charged with: ? The Organization? Formation? Animation (manages the points of animation which is the basic cells of the ASF)? Partnership and development? The basic Call? Health and social Commissions: The Commissions assist the defects presidents in the execution of their spots they work out programs and propose action plans at the office and after adoption they carry out them are: ? Organization? Formation? Animation? Partnership and development? Basic call? Health and social the national police station: The national police station is composed of the regional police chiefs and the office the regional police chiefs: Each area is equipped with regional police chief in charge of the management of the area. Auditors for and the supervision auditing of accounts of the activities.  

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