UNDERTAKEN ACTIVITIES: Sensitizing on the cholera in the city Icotaf II in Pikine in collaboration with the departmental red cross of Pikine Programs information, of education and communication against the use of drug in the districts of Baghdad, Gounass and Darourahmane Public awareness campaign and social mobilization on the health of the reproduction of the teenagers in collaboration with the center council banked-up bed of Guédiawaye Séance of sporting animation and socioeducational for the young people in difficult situation of Guédiawaye in the districts of: city djincome, Gounass, Wakhinane, Ndiaréme and with the CDEPS of Guédiawaye human Investment in the schools 20B and 21 of Guédiawaye Participation in the formation in IST/SIDA intended for the Monitors of educational communities of Pikine and Guédiawaye on the thème"tous for the eradication of the pandemia of the HIV in the educational communities" for the CDEPS of Pikine with the CNLS Participation in the conference on the AIDS within the framework of the celebration of the national week woman AIDS on the topic: Prevention of the transmission of the HIV of the mother to child (PTME) with the CDEPS of Guédiawaye with the CNLS Sensitizing on the modes of transmission of the HIV and the methods of prevention in the outdoor centre of the town hall of Guédiawaye in collaboration of the Red Cross and ENDA Organization of two training courses of Monitor of Educational Communities July, school August 2006 Follow-up of the children of the ASF Organization of two patronages for the practice of trainees trained by the ASF Participation in the formation of the relays of fight against drug for associations. To organize by the Ministry for youth Participation in the procession of the festival of the independence of Senegal on April 4, 2005 Participation in the operation of sensitizing on the cholera October 2006 Participation in the meeting of the Ministers for the CEDAO Dakar 2005 Participation in national bases on the Educational Communities July 2006 Participation in plan ORSEC (Plane Organization of the Helps) with the site of the disaster victims of Yeumbeul (by the organization of two patronages for the children) Participation in the CDD (Departmental Committee of Development) on the prevention of the drownings and the management of the beaches in Guédiawaye chaired by the Prefect of Guédiawaye Training of the candidates and persons in charge for the ASF February 2006 Organization of the presentations the godmother of the ASF January 2006 Participation in the formation in entreprenariat youth to organize by the city and the CDEPS of Guédiawaye December 2006 Organization of the first withdrawal to the torches with Guédiawaye with the BIG 7 Guédiawaye (collective of the youth movements of Guédiawaye) Participation in the procession of the festival of the independence of Senegal on April 4, 2006 Participation in the national week of fight against drug in Pikine from 19 to June 29, 2006  

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